Seven Emotions and Six Desires

Everyone should read this. It helps calm the mind and explore one’s soul on a more expansive view. The article is sort of like indifference combined with knowledge. Interesting and thought provoking I really enjoyed this.


After I did the brainstorming of the 4 ideas of Fantasy/Dreams, Affairs/Obsession, Death and Sex.

I realise they are actually the elements of Buddhism and Confucianists’ The Seven Emotions and Six Desires.

I am very interested about this deep idea and concept about Humanity. However, it is very big and  general…

How can I develop and divide it into three projects???

The Seven Emotions:

1. Joy

2. Anger

3. Grief

4. Worry

5. Fear

6. Sentiments

7. Affection

The Six Desires:

1. Lust

2. Vanity

3. Dignity

4. Pleasant Sounds

5. Good Life/ Death

6. Sensual Pleasures

The Seed of Emotions


“Because of the six organs, people produce six consciousnesses; and because of the six consciousnesses they produce emotions. They hardly realize that emotions confuse them in regard to fundamental reality. Once fundamental reality is lost sight of, then emotions run wild. But the seed of all emotion…

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